Sunday, December 1, 2013

Over a Year

So, this is my first post in over a year. There have been so many things that have happened in our lives this past year, and blogging is not one of them. It got to the point where blogging was no longer fun, I felt like I had to get blogs finished and posted by a certain time; and felt like there was so much pressure.  I was no longer blogging for enjoyment, I was blogging to build my readership. So I stopped. And its been good.  

But let me catch you up on a few things that have happened this past year. 

January: we went to visit my sisters and their families in Maryland for 9 days. Flying with Brooklynne was crazy and difficult. It was definitely not a great experience (think flying for 7 hours with a non napping almost two year old, and then being thrown up on in the last 10 minutes of the flight). The trip was great but very cold. 

February: I got certified to be a Group Exercise Fitness Instructor with AFAA, and we celebrated Brooklynne's second birthday.

March: I started teaching a sculpt class at the Methodist church near our house.

June: I had an interview and demonstration with the fitness coordinator at InShape clubs and she hired me! I drove directly from signing my paperwork to Starbucks and put my two weeks notice in, by the middle of June I was not longer working nights, and it was the best thing ever! The year and a half that I was working nights was the hardest year and a half and my family and me, but we made it through it and I am beyond thankful for the opportunity I was given to work nights so I could be home all day with Brooklynne. I started with 3 classes and have since added two more. I teach core training, muscle blast, Pilates, power sculpt, and BodyPump. 

September: Matt and I went to my 10 year high school reunion in Walnut Creek and had the best time! It was an incredible experience and a lot of fun to see people that I haven't seen in years besides Facebook.  

October: We went with Matt's family to disneyland for two days and it was so much fun! We got to our timeshare on Thursday night, and woke up at 6 am to Brooklynne throwing up. She threw up 4 times that morning and then seemed fine so we decided to join Matt's family at the park.  She did great all day, didn't have her normal energy, but considering her morning, I was quite impressed.  We had a great two days at both parks. We went to California adventure on Friday and disneyland on Saturday and I would have loved one more day at each park. California has so many fun things now since the remodel, it's really cool! 

We also announced our second pregnancy which is very exciting! I am 18 weeks along, and due May 2nd! 
We're very excited to add another baby to our family. The pregnancy has been going well so far, even though it's been a bit different than Brooklynne's. I started getting morning sickness at 8 weeks (which I never had with B), so that was a little annoying. I never vomited, I was just nauseated all day up through 13 weeks, but it's been wonderful to be done with it.  I have been able to keep working out and teaching classes that entire pregnancy so far, and as long as everything stays good, I plan on teaching up through 38 or 39 weeks, and going back after my 6 week postpartum appointment. 

Another thing that has happened in my life this year is how much my body has changed which has changed my confidence level a lot. I worked extremely hard this year, I found out what works for my body, what I have to do to see changes and it's been an incredible journey!! In total, I lost 65 lbs and went from a size 12 to a 2. I am  18 weeks pregnant and barely showing and still in my size 3 pants.  I am so proud of all the hard work I put in to getting in shape, and I am so thankful for the confidence God has given me through this all, but my favorite part is being able to help other people get in shape.  I love showing before and after pictures because it's helped a lot of women say that if I a can do it, so can they!

Well, that's basically our year in a small nutshell, and it's been a great year with a lot of changes. We feel extremely blessed for everything going on in our lives right now and the incredible changes that have happened this year. I will post a pregnancy update soon.