Monday, April 21, 2014

Cooper's Baby Shower #2 - Circus Theme

My "little sister"/dear friend and her mom threw a beautiful baby shower for Cooper and me last weekend, and just like my sprinkle, it was so completely thought out and creative and perfect!  I've been liking all the little elephant stuff around lately, so Kelsey went with a circus theme. By the way, sorry for the bad photography, Giana wasn't there to take perfect pictures. haha!

She ordered these invitations off of Etsy, and had them printed at Costco.

I loved the banner she made, it's going to hang above Cooper's bed.

Kelsey used a hula hoop and double stick tape to make the circus tent, it was seriously so cute and clever, perfect for the theme.

Such a yummy array of snacks.  The shower was at 2 pm, so she didn't want to do a meal, but the food was perfect to snack on.  One of my favorite snacks is popcorn, and that tied in perfectly with the theme.  She also had my favorite chocolate chip cookies from A Sweet Affair in Walnut Creek...yum!!

Kelsey's friend Caroline made the cupcakes, and they were delicious. I love all the C's and stripes, super cute!

Baby belly by the food table.

So many wonderful women that I have known all or most of my life were there to celebrate with us, and it was so great to see all of them!!
The first game we played was mad-libs (my favorite).  She passed around a sheet of paper with blanks you had to fill in: adjective, noun, etc. Then after everyone had those filled in, she passed around papers to everyone and you had to transfer the words from the first page to the story on the second page, with no changing words.  Then I read them all aloud and picked my favorite.  It was so funny, some of them were hilarious.  I was sweating and laughing so hard!!

Everyone also decorated onesies for Cooper, they're really cute!

Kelsey and me, she's just a delight!  Thank you for the beautiful shower, Kelsey and Barb, you made me feel so very special!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

What's in My Hospital Bag

I leave today to drive out to Modesto, and I'll be staying there with my in-laws until the baby comes.  It's kind of crazy because this means he is due soon, I'm officially 38 weeks today (feel free to come anytime, Coop).  All of our bags are packed, and I'm excited to show you all what I have packed in mine.

My Hospital Bag

1. Suitcase - This is actually Brooklynne's bag, but it was spacious enough, without being too huge.

2. Almonds - I wanted to bring any easy snack with me to have after delivery and for Matt to be able to have.  These are from Trader Joe's, they're the roasted and lightly salted kind, my favorite!

3. Rattles - These are what Brooklynne is giving to Cooper when he's born, they're the type that will hang from his carseat, and she;s very excited about them.

4. Brooklynne's Hospital Outfit - I told you all about the outfit that my bestie got for Cooper and B, so this is what she'll wear to visit him at the hospital.

5. Baby Book, Birth Plan, Magazine, FoxTrot Comic Book, Notebook - The baby book is for if they're willing to stamp his hand print and footprint in it (we didn't do this with B). Birth plan...obvious. Magazine is for downtime after the baby is born. Comic book - FoxTrot is my favorite and it was only $2! Notebook - for writing down nursing times, or any gifts people bring, or anything I need to write down.

6. Flip Flops - for walking around the hospital, but also if I get a room without a shower, I'll need these for using the communal shower.

7. Makeup Bag - This will be one of the things I put in before I go to the hospital since I use it every day.

8. Labor Bag - I will detail this below.

9. Extra Toiletries - Also detailed below.

10. Belly Bandit and Belly Bands - the first is an elastic band that velcro's tight around the waist to help shrink the uterus, and offer support. I didn't use this with B, but I have heard a lot of good things from people who have used them. They're common with c-sections. The belly bands are just for extra support if I need it.

11. Nursing Tank Tops - these are the Gilligan O'Malley brand for Target.  I like them because they're longer than some other brands I've used before. I packed two of these and I'm assuming I will be wearing them in the hospital the whole time.

12. Nursing Bras - One Nursing sports bra, Two nursing bras, also Gilligan O'Malley. One has underwire and the other does not.  A friend posted on Facebook a few weeks ago asking of r nursing bra recommendations, and this is the brand she got the most recs. for.  I used Motherhood Maternity nursing bras with B and HATED them (the underwire came out on every one I had). The nursing bra, however, is Motherhood Maternity, and it's my favorite.

13. Toiletries - Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, face wash and deodorant...the necessities.

14. Socks and Underwear - I bought a pack of underwear for the sense in running my regular underwear.

15. Going Home Outfit - I chose my cute maternity maxi skirt and a nice coral tank.  I want to look nice, but I want something stretchy!

16. Pajamas - I used to wear these two nightgowns when I was overweight.  They're really comfy, and have buttons up the front which will help for breastfeeding.

17. Nursing Cover - For when I have to nurse while we have guests.

18. Hair Dryer and Straightener - The dryer is in the bag now, since I can use my mother in laws for the time being, but the straightener, along with the makeup will go in the bag right before we leave.

Not pictured - Yoga pants (I'll live in them at the hospital), sweatshirt (zip up hoodie).

Extra Toiletries

1. Bag - Forever 21

2. Nursing Pads - Lanisonoh brand.  My bestie suggested these, and I just happened to get a sample at Target, so I'm packing them. They're disposable, and have an adhesive strip on the back to prevent them from sliding around.

3. Washable Nursing Pads - Depending on how I end up feeling about the Lansinoh brand ones, I may not use these. But I like having back up, so these are good.

4. Prenatal Vitamins, Tylenol - Just because I won't be pregnant anymore doesn't mean I get to stop taking my vitamins, I will definitely need them while breastfeeding. 

5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste - I use an electric toothbrush at home and didn't want to worry about packing it.  This one can just be thrown away when I'm leaving the hospital.

6. Eucerine Dry Skin Cream - just in case I need a bit of lotion.

Labor Bag

So, this bag is in my hospital suitcase, but it's specifically for while I'm laboring at the hospital. It will help make Matt's life easier, I can just have him bring that bag to me.

1. Bag - from Forever 21 (I love their makeup bags)

2. Emergen-C - I also packed 3 of these in Matt's bag, because I don't want us getting sick!

3. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea - I steep this over water then add ice.  It is said to help with labor, strengthening the uterus, and lots of other things.  I have been drinking it almost daily since 35 weeks.  I use this brand, and I got it from Target.  I enjoy it plain with ice, but you could add raw honey to it if you like a sweeter tea.

4. Crystal Lite Packets - These are the leftovers from the nurses thank you gifts, and Matt loves both of the flavors (raspberry ice and peach tea), so I thought they'd be nice to have for him, and then he can use them in postpartum as well.

5. Raisins - high in sugar for if I need a quick pick me up during labor, keeping your blood sugar up is so important.  I'm hoping to pick up some dates, or coconut rolled dates from Sprouts to add to the bag.

6. Tissues - for my emotional husband. HAHAHA, I'm hilarious, he's really not at all (in 8 years I've never seen him cry). I had them, so I packed them...they're nicer than the hospital ones.

7. Bobby Pins - for my bangs.

8. Head Bands - if I decide I don't want to use the bobby pins.

9. Chapstick - the hospitals are so dry.

10. Gum - I do realize that I have 3 different kinds, I just don't know what kind I'll want (if I even want any), but it will help in keeping my mouth moist.

11. Date Bar - I have a few more of these packed.  They have a descent amount of protein, but again, they're high in sugar.

12. Comfy Socks - Warm and cozy just in case my feet get cold during labor.

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Also, today is our 8 year anniversary...of being together.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maternity Photos

So, if you haven't already realized, Giana takes most of our pictures.  She's one of my dearest friends and doesn't seem to mind when I ask her if she'll bring her camera to functions (B's birthday party, my baby sprinkle)(or, at least she says she doesn't mind).   She's super talented and one of the kindest women I know!  I am blessed to have her in my life and that she's my friend...she's pretty darn amazing! And our daughters love each other!  Anyway, she did our maternity photos and they turned out spectacular (not too surprising because she's amazing).  She took us to the Ripon Military Corps Park and it was gorgeous, everything was so lush and green!  Get ready for a lot of pictures, it was really hard to narrow it down to these!

That leaf is belly button is super weird and not in the middle of my belly...what the heck????

This one is cute, but husband is just getting a ton of boob in his face.

This is her "lion" outfit

Close up of my tattoo

my sentiments exactly, kid!

Thank you Giana for these incredible photos, I can't wait to print and frame them!!

Like I've said before, if you're in the Central Valley, call Giana for photography!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Brooklynne's Big Sister Bag

I decided to make a bag of fun things as a gift from Cooper to Brooklynne for when she comes to meet him at the hospital.  I obviously don't know how she's going to do as being a big sister, or how she'll react, she seems excited though and talks to and about Cooper often.
I picked up this canvas bag from Joann's, and a little iron-on decal for the front of it (piece of junk iron-on though).

The decal had two of the same one in the package, so I bought a toddler t-shirt from Jo-Ann's as well.

I cut the neck and bottoms of the sleeves off and ironed on the decal  Again, the iron-on was junky and came off in spots, but it will work for her to wear it a couple times.

Here's everything that's in her bag.  Ive been taking pictures on my phone, and it's obvious.  I'm just too lazy to use my actual camera and then upload them...seems like so much time, haha!
There's a lot in the bag, but she'll be with my in-laws for a few days, and I wanted to give her a couple fun things to do.

1. Big Sister Bag - It's a little big, so I don't know if she'll use it, maybe we can use it for the library.

2. Movie - Little Rascals.  I don't know if she'll be interested, but I really bought this for myself.

3. Minnie Mouse Coloring set - Comes with a few pages, some markers (I think), and stickers.

4. "I'm the Big Sister" book - I picked this up at Barnes & was the cheapest of all the sibling books they had.

5. Big Sister shirt - as explained above.

6. Paintable Bird House - I got this from the dollar bin at Target, and I think she'll really enjoy it since she loves to paint.

7. Sidewalk Chalk - She loves anything artsy, so I thought some chalk would be good.

8. Smackers Chap Stick - She loves chap stick, and has never tried this...but what girl doesn't love Smacker's? I know I did. And the packaging is sparkly.

9. Sunflower Seed Kit - Also from the Target dollar bin.  She's loved planting seeds with my mom this spring already, so I thought it might be fun to have something to plant at Grandma's house.

10. Coloring Books - Again, she loves to color, and these are from my mom for her Christmas, so I didn't have to pay anything for them.

11. Minnie Mouse Socks - Again, dollar bin...she loves fancy socks.

12. Nail Polish - It's pink and sparkly and she's going to love it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Daddy's Bag and Nurses Gifts

Since I blogged about what I packed in Cooper's hospital bag, I figured I might as well blog about Matt's bag and what I packed as thank you gifts for the nurses.  I'll start with Matt's bag.

I figured a backpack would make it easiest on him!

Here's the contents:

1. Blanket - The blankets and general sleeping arrangements for husbands in the postpartum room generally sucks.  This is a really soft blanket and pretty big, so he can double it if necessary. I will also be bringing his pillow in the car (if I remember), so he can attempt sleep.

2. Clothes - I packed one pair of shorts and two t-shirts.  Also packed, but not pictured, a hooded sweatshirt and pajama pants (he uses his pajamas every day)

3. Undergarments - these could have been categorized with number two, but I'm weird.  I packed two pairs of underwear and socks.

4. Toiletries - deodorant, face wash, shampoo, soap, toothbrush (we'll share a toothpaste because I'm cheap), and three Emergen-c's (I don't want us getting sick in the hospital).

I also packed a water bottle and a book to entertain when his iPad isn't entertaining enough for him and we don't have guests.

Thank You Gifts

Now on to our Thank you gifts for the nurses! Last time I baked cookies, then felt super awkward giving them home baked things (not sure why), so I ended up feeding them to our guests (and myself).  This time I made little gifts to give to each nurse.  My friend recommended 2 for labor and delivery nurses and 3-4 for postpartum (since I don't know how long labor will be, or at what time, and I don't know how long we'll stay afterward).  I got everything from Target, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

The completed gift


1. Granola Bar
2. Crystal Light single
3. Hair Ties
4. Mini pack of gum (B picked bubble gum because it's pink)
5. Hand Sanitizer
6. Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate Juice (t's really yummy)

These are packed in this bag, along with a few other things

1. Brooklynne's Big Sister Bag - Cooper's gift to her when she comes to meet him (I will do a separate post about that bag).

2. Nurse Thank you gifts

3. Extra Crystal Light - for husband and guests

4. Lollipops - Tootsie Roll Pops and Blow Pops. I had these last time, and it was nice for guests to have a little something.

5. Granola Bars - Again, for guests that come to visit.

I also plan on giving my midwife a gift, but I haven't decided what yet.  So, what do you think of Matt's bag and the thank you's?  Leave me a comment.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gender Reveal

For Brooklynne's gender reveal we had both Matt's family and my parents meet us at BJ's Brewery for dessert and the waiter brought out a giant pizookie with "It's a Girl!" written on it.

For this one, we wanted to have it just be the three of us (and our photographer), and I'm so glad we did it that way.  I had my ultrasound on Friday morning, and we didn't do the reveal until Saturday morning.  So I had to wait with this envelope sitting on my table for over a day...pure misery.  Luckily I have a 3 year old, so she helped distract me.

Saturday morning Matt decorated a box with the words "It's a..." on the outside and I brought it over to Grand Events and had them fill it with balloons.  Instead of waiting there, I went over to Barnes and Nobles, bought a latte and sat...anxiously.  They filled up the box, called me, and I picked it up.  
Giana with Giana Silva Photography came over and took pictures while we opened the box.  I really thought it was a boy, and since I was so convinced, Matt was too.  I was still surprised to see the blue balloons come out of the box.  

At first on Facebook I posted this, and it was so funny to read everyone's guesses and annoyances about us posting it in black and white, seriously got a good laugh!

But then I posted the color one.  It was so much fun to find out this way!!

We are so excited about Cooper August Lung, and we can't wait to meet him in a few weeks!!!

Photography by Giana Silva with Giana Silva Photography!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Brooklynne's 3rd Birthday-Monster's Inc.

This pretty girl turned 3 on February 16th, so we had a birthday party to celebrate.  She chose Monsters Inc., which was her favorite movie at the time, only because she hadn't seen Frozen yet, haha.
Since we moved two weeks before the party, I went a bit more minimal with decor and everything.  We had the party in Modesto since all the guests but 3 were from worked out so much better.

Sorry for the bad iPhone picture.
My cousin has a small design store on Etsy called GoodSailorDesigns, so I had her design the invitations.  She hand-painted the characters for it, and then designed the rest.  I was SO STINKING HAPPY when she sent me the file, they were even better than I anticipated!
We rented out the classroom of the cake supply store I used to work at, and it was wonderful!

Like I said, I went minimal with the decor.  I stayed with the green, purple and blue as the color scheme. The crepe paper was from the party store, and for the felt doors I took a regular size piece, cut it in half, then free handed the doors on to the felt with dark grey puff paint.  
I purchased the balloon bouquets from a party store in Modesto (Grand Events), which I highly recommend...their balloons keep height for weeks!  
The table clothes have little googly eyes all over them, which ended up begin the entertainment for half of the adults.
For the goodie bags I just bought a pack of white lunch bags from WalMart, and Matt made a little label with Monster's Inc. characters and they each said "Thank you for coming to my party. Love, Brooklynne."

Brooklynne chose pizza and cupcakes for the food.  We also had salad, a veggie platter and fruit for people to munch on.  I got water bottles, two liters of soda, and juice packs for the kids.  Again, since we weren't living there anymore I didn't want to make (from scratch) much of it.  The pizza was from Costco, and it was perfect!

She wanted pink cupcakes, so I dyed the vanilla cupcakes pink with food coloring, and made my triple chocolate cupcakes as well.  I also made dairy free rice krispie treats and put the sprinkles I used on the cupcakes on top of the treats.  

My mom brought so many toys from her classroom and it was perfect, the kids played the entire time.

Brooklynne and her best friend Celia.

Kid parties are an excuse to hang out with our adult friends, right?

My mom is gorgeous.

Brooklynne seriously LOVED opening presents, and it was so cute to see her go up to each guest after she opened the present to thank them.

She loved the part where everyone sang to her...typical.

he's cute...and weird.

The adults had a great time too, haha!

FYI, my father in law is the cutest.

This cutie had a wonderful time at her party, and it was so much fun to spend the day with friends celebrating her life!  We are so blessed!

Photography by Giana Silva with Giana Silva Photography
Necklace and Bows made by Holly with My Little Sweet Cheeks