Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Shower #2

The ladies of my church hosted a wonderful shower for me yesterday, and again, I felt so honored!  Thank you to every woman who came, you are all such a blessing!

Delicious food gorgeously displayed

Holy smokes, that's a lot of gifts!!

They had a "wisdom tree" and the each of the ladies wrote down a piece of wisdom for me, it was very sweet!

My good friend Jessica.  She and her husband Stephen were the other couple in our childbirth class, and she's wonderful!  She's due with baby Tynlee on March 18th, and we can't wait to meet her!!

My lovely hostesses and me: Lori, Alita and Jessa hosted the shower and they did such an amazing job...I loved all of it!!

Alicia, (another pregnant friend) made this for Brooklynne's door!!

My lovely, wonderful mother-in-law, Brooklynne's Grandma!!

My lovely, excited (obviously) mother, Brooklynne's Nana!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maternity Pictures

Matthew and I had our maternity pictures taken by the lovely Giana with G.S.Photography ( at Dry Creek Park in Modesto.  It was chilly and cloudy, but a good time. Thank you so much for taking the pictures, Giana.  We love them!

As of yesterday, I am 35 weeks pregnant with 13 days until I'm full term and 34 days until the due date.  We're very excited to meet our little girl, but we want her to stay in there as long as she can (I'd rather be overdue than early)!!  I'm still pretty comfortable, but I'm definitely having trouble getting out of Matt's car (it's low), putting my socks on and washing dishes (I have to be so far from the sink).  I have one more baby shower at our church this coming weekend (the 22nd), which I'm very excited about, and one more childbirth class.  Thank you all for your support!

Matt, Annalisa and Brooklynne

Baby Shower #1

My mom, sister and dear friend hosted a shower for me yesterday.  It was a wonderful time, and I was so blessed by every woman who came.  Brooklynne is already loved by so many people.  Thank you to every single lady that was there, or who wanted to be there.  We love you all so much!  Here are a few pictures from the day, I didn't get many on my camera.  

The food table: cinnamon rolls, blackberry coffee cake muffins

Scrapbook paper wreath for the door

Kristy Nass cinnamon yummy!!

More food on the table: 4 different kinds of breakfast casseroles

Pink candies in one of my owl dishes along with the favor every guest received: a white chocolate covered oreo.

My mom and sister, they're wonderful!!

Another pregnant friend, she's due the end of March.

A cute outfit Brooklynne received, and my wonderful mother in law recording all the wonderful gifts.  

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

This year, 2011, we will have a baby, become parents, change lots of diapers, get a little bit of sleep, and many more things.  We are super excited to meet little Miss Brooklynne, and we only have 28 days until full term and 49 days until our due date.  I have been sick for the past three weeks, which has been pretty hard, but I'm happy to say that the pregnancy is still going great, and Brooklynne is a super active baby.  

A lot has happened since I last posted; we got to go to Southern California for a weekend, and spend time with friends down there.  I had said that we were going to go to Disneyland, but decided to wait until I'm not pregnant and we can go on more rides.  We had a wonderful, slightly relaxing time and seeing friends we haven't seen in a while was a delight.  We also got to go up to my brother and sister-in-laws house in Washington for Christmas.  All 20 of my family members were there, and it was a crazy, fun time!  The drive up and down were not the best part...I was crammed in the back seat with my 45 lb dog on my lap for 13 hours.  I drove up with my parents on Monday and Matt flew up on Thursday, and it was such a blessing to be able to spend time with everyone.  

Coming up this month we have high school winter camp, 2 baby showers and a wedding with a five tier cake for one of my best friends.  Should be exhausting and fun!!

Matt, Annalisa and Brooklynne