Sunday, June 26, 2011

18 weeks old.

I know this is quite a few days late, but it's better than never, right?  Maybe not, but I'm obviously writing it anyways.  My baby's 18 weeks old.  18 weeks old, people...this is crazy!  She is such a joy, and I love every second.  I have been a busy mommy this past week, which means B has had to entertain herself, and she's done a pretty good job with it.  I had a cookie order and a large wedding order both due on Friday, so I was working on that towards the end of the week and getting over a cold at the beginning of the week, so the times that she wasn't napping, I wasn't able to give her a ton of attention.  She has become such an active baby in the past week.  It seems like she doesn't stop kicking her legs, talking up a storm, and rolling over a ton.  Solids are going okay, but I took a few days off of feeding her solids because of the cake.  I started it again today with some tips from a friend, and she seemed to take in the most she has so far, and it was very encouraging.  I'm hoping she gets it down this week, and if she does, I will be adding some more fun foods.  I'm going to be making my own baby food (easy, and cheap), and I'm hoping to get some made tomorrow!  We are so blessed to have this little miss in our family!

waiting for mom and dad to get done setting up the cake

To see the cake we made, check out!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had a wonderful Father's Day, and Matt loved being spoiled.  I got up and made breakfast while Matt and Brooklynne cuddled in bed.  We had sausage, eggs, hashed browns, and Matt's favorite, orange rolls.  Brooklynne gave him the tie that she had made for him, which he wore for church. 
His parents had given him a gift the day before, but since B made him a tie, he wore that one.
His favorite book growing up was Hop on Pop, so they gave him the book and a Hop on Pop tie.

Brooklynne already loves the book!

After breakfast we went to church, but got there 20 minutes late (yes we do live .5 miles from church) for Sunday school, so we drove around and looked at older houses.  

Brooklynne's gift to Daddy: a "wear once" tie with her foot prints and hand prints on it.

After church we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for lunch, and had such a wonderful time.

After lunch Matt opened his gift from me, and was super excited about it (I am too), Giants tickets and a Giants tumbler!!

Brooklynne also enjoyed just hanging out on the grass next to Uncle Jared.  She stayed on the grass like that for almost 25 minutes.

For dinner we went to Qdoba because they were having a special for Fathers Day, dads got a free meal!!  
Brooklynne loves hanging out with her Grandpa, she has so much fun with him!!

I took this picture on Mother's Day when Great Grandpa was in Modesto, but wanted to wait until Father's Day to post it.  Four generations of Lungs, what a blessing!


What a blessed woman I am to have such fantastic dads in my life.  

My dad I have always looked to for guidance, comfort and love.  He is an incredible father and great example of a husband.  He raised 5 kids with my mom, and at almost 69 is still running camps during the summer.  He always taught us kids to be God-fearing and try our best at everything.  I am a better woman, wife and mother because of Bob Nass.  I love you, Daddy!!

My Father in Law is also an incredible man.  He treated me as one of his children soon after I started dating Matthew, and has shown me so much love ever since.  He raised such an incredible son, and I am forever grateful that I am part of his family.  

I have 3 brothers who are incredible dads, Bob, Jason and Jerrod.  They have raised their children in such an incredible way so far, and I am blessed to have them as my brothers!

My husband, Matthew is the kindest man I have ever known, and I have fallen in love with him even more since we had our daughter.  Watching them together makes me happier than I ever thought I could be, and I am so excited to watch them together as she gets older and we add more children to our bunch. Brooklynne and I are so blessed to have him as our man!!  We love you, Matthew!!

Happy Father's Day to every single dad out there!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


So after I posted yesterdays blog, I fed Brooklynne.  It was in between feedings, but before she got hungry again, so she wasn't already frustrated.  IT WORKED!!  I set her up in her bebe pod chair on top of the table and started feeding her, and even though I could tell that she was still a bit confused by it, she was more willing to open her mouth.  I don't think she got very much in her tummy, but I was very encouraged by her good attitude.  I decided to replace one of her normal feedings with cereal this evening instead of adding it in as a snack.  She usually has her second to last feeding between 6 and 7, but we were out finishing her Father's Day present for Daddy, so she didn't eat until about 7:30.  I decided to use it as her cereal feeding, but I didn't think she was going to be okay with it.  I think since she knew that it was food, she was okay with having it, and didn't fuss at all, in fact she was excited about it.  I fed her for about 15 minutes; again, I'm not sure how much she ate, and then Matt fed her for a few minutes.  After she ate, I gave her a bath, and she had her final feeding, so her belly was super full when she went to bed, and I'm really hoping that the full belly will help her get back to sleeping through the night!  I love my precious good eater!

Friday, June 17, 2011

4 Months Old!

Brooklynne is officially 1/3 of her way done with her first year of being in this world, and I am daily amazed at her, she is just so precious.  After putting her to bed last night I commented to Matt that we were one day closer to her moving out of the house, and I know I'm a dork for thinking about that.  I just love our little girl so much, and thankful for the blessing that she is to this family.  We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house last night for cupcakes, and had a delightful time.  She's growing so quick and we are just so proud of her.  She does not enjoy rice cereal, but I will be persistent and keep offering it every night, and maybe I'll try this afternoon, and see if it's the time of day that's not working for her.

 Baby Stats:

Birth: 6 lbs. 2 oz.
1 Month: 7 lbs. 12 oz.
2 Months: 8 lbs. 14.5 oz.
3 Months: 10 lbs. 11 oz.
4 Months 12 lbs 6.5 oz.

Birth: 18 inches
1 Month: 20.5 inches
2 Months: 21.3 inches
3 Months: 23 inches
4 Months: 23.5 inches

We take B's "month" pictures on the counter at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but I guess she was a bit too close this time as she rolled over into the "tail" of the 4.  Luckily Grandpa takes half the frosting off anyways, so he ate that one.  Thanks for eating the cupcake, Grandpa!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

17 weeks old!

My baby just continues to grow!  She is 17 weeks old today and she keeps getting bigger.  She had her 4 month doctors appointment this morning and it went great.  She's right on track for her height and weight and the doctor just loved her.  I've decided that the immunizations we do with B are going to be spread out, so only 1 at each appointments, todays was DTap, which she got at her two month appointment as well.  But, oh boy, she hated it, but once she calmed down, she was fine, and she never had a fever and she was normal all day.

We got the go ahead from her doctor to start her on solid food, so we started last night with some rice cereal.  I could tell she was getting hungry before we started, but I tried feeding her anyways.  She was interested in it for a little bit, but then got annoyed and didn't want it anymore.  I cleaned her up and Grandma (Matt's mom) took over, and Brooklynne was loving it from her, but Grandma was making sound effects and I was trying not to laugh.  The plus side of all of this is that Brooklynne slept until 6 again last night instead of waking up between 4 and 5.  Hopefully we'll just keep getting more sleep time!

She really did not enjoy it.
Thanks for taking over, Grandma, you're the best!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

16 weeks old!

Brooklynne is 16 weeks old today...holy smokies!  It's going so fast, but at the same time it feels like she's been part of this family for so long.  B is laughing even more these days.  While stretching her toes to her head, she starts busting up, when Matt was singing a song that was annoying me so bad this afternoon, she wouldn't stop laughing at him (which made him sing it even more).  She smiles all the time and still doesn't cry too often.  She is really enjoying her bebe pod that Auntie Kim and Uncle Brandon gave her, she has the attention to hang out in it for 15 minutes just making the rattle spin around, it's the cutest thing and helps strengthen her back and neck.  She didn't fuss at all this afternoon when we hung out on the grass, even when she was on her tummy she didn't seem to mind it at all. 

I got so many cute pictures of her, and I couldn't just not post them, so here they are!!   I love our sweet girl, she makes us so happy and we're so proud to be her parents!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

15 weeks old!

My little girl is definitely not as little as she used to be.  Just looking at her hands tell me she's grown so much, and as exciting as it is, it's pretty crazy!!  Everyone always say they grow so fast, but you don't realize how fast it's going to go until you're in it, but I wouldn't change any of it, she's absolutely amazing!!  I purchased a swing for B this week, and she loves it.

I had registered for a swing, but didn't receive it, so I decided that I could do without it, but after seeing how much she was enjoying Grandpa's hammock, and how fast she went to sleep, I decided to get one.  I found a used one that matches the bouncy chair we were given (it has owls on it), and she is loving it!  

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine was having a giveaway on her blog for a tutu and hair bow made by another friend of mine (TuTu Cute Bows), so I of course entered, and ended up winning!!  They are so cute, and I had to take multiple pictures of her!!