Monday, October 11, 2010

belly belly belly...

Hello friends, just thought I'd put an update up. Everything is going well with the pregnancy, still easy so far (which means a really hard labor for me probably). In fact, she kicked two weeks ago for the first time, and I haven't felt her kick again since then, but when I sat down to write tonight, she started kicking like crazy, it was very exciting!! We have our next appointment this Friday, and we start our birthing classes on Thursday night. We're going with The Bradley Method, because I like how natural it was and I really like how the dad does the majority of the coaching (Coach Matt). I took a picture of my belly this evening so you could all see that it is getting looks like there really is a baby in there now. Anyways, thanks for reading our blog!!
Matt, Annalisa and Brooklynne

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