Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bs first day of school

Yesterday I sent my daughter to school for the first time, and it was wonderful!  When living in Modesto we had planned on sending her to Lighthouse Preschool, which is at the church we went to there.  Since we weren't there anymore, we had to figure out another option, but I knew I wanted her in preschool.  I know preschool isn't necessary, but I have seen some research about the pros of preschool.  I was homeschooled, and I knew I definitely did not want to go down that route, and Matt didn't want me to either, but I also don't want to do public school.  My mom is the kindergarten teacher for Ygnacio Valley Christian School, so that was our obvious first choice.  The preschool meets at a church down the road from the main school campus.

Any way, I dropped B off at 8:25, walked her in, and she started playing with some toys.  Cooper and I left and went to Starbucks and spent 3 hours there! I studied my personal trainer information, and Coop slept (it was delightful).  When we picked her up, she was so happy.  She was ready to come home, but had such a great time!  Her teacher said she did really well, listened well, and had fun playing.  One of the projects they did was a book mark with a ribbon attached tied in a bow and it said:

"1st Day of Preschool
This ribbon is very
special, as anyone
can see...
Untie it...and it is
the exact same
size as me."

Such a cute idea, so, I put it in her baby book.

I took this as we were heading out in the morning.  She's so cute!!

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