Monday, December 12, 2011

Our weekend update

We had a wonderful/busy weekend. Thursday evening my mom brought my sisters three kids over while I taught a candy demo class. Once I got home she left, and we put Brooklynne down for bed in our room because the kids were in her room. Matt and I went to bed at 11:30 and she woke up as soon as we walked in and she wanted to play. By 1:30 she was still wide awake and I didn't want her random outbursts to wake up the others, so I packed her into the car (Matt stayed with the kids) and we drove to my starbucks and got hot chocolate. I had been hoping the drive over would have put her to sleep, but she was just as awake as before. We went to wal mart and walked around for an hour and she did not rub her eyes once. We drove home and when I got there, my sisters youngest was awake and screaming, I got him calmed down and Brooklynne still wouldn't go to sleep. She finally conked out after two more trips around the block in the car. Needless to say, we didn't get a whole lot of sleep that night.

Friday morning we drove over to Bass pro shop to get pictures with Santa.

Saturday we had super yummy breakfast to celebrate my moms birthday, then I left for choir rehearsal. I had my choir performance at 3, which went so well. Saturday night we went to dinner with Matt's family and then came home.

On Sunday we went to the Vacaville outlets with Matt's parents and stayed there all day, we had the best time!!

We got ice cream sundaes from fentons that night and then came back home. We had such a good weekend!!

Sorry I was MIA last week, my computer is not working right now.


  1. SUPER cute photos of the kids with Santa! They look so happy! That Santa's basically the best I've seen since I watched Miracle on 34th St. last. And he was the REAL Santa.
    Good post, Anna!

  2. I love the boy in the pink stroller picture. You can torture him with that when he is older! And the picture of Brooklynne looking at santa is so cute.