Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Festive Trees

For todays tutorial I stole the idea from my lovely friend, Leslie.  I bought some party hats from the dollar store, but you can buy them anywhere...however, the 8 pack at Hobby Lobby was $3.99, while the 8 pack at DS was only...A DOLLAR, so if you have a DS, go there!  I used some things I had around the house, and then bought a few things.  For decor that I'm making for Christmas I'm sticking with red and white for my house, with a few hints of aqua thrown in here and there.


Paper party hats
Decorations: yarn, felt, fabric, pom pom balls, anything really.
Hot Glue

Start by glueing the edges of the cone together so it stays in one piece.


Start glueing pompoms on in your desired pattern, continue glueing till you fill up the entire cone.

Put one end of the yarn into the top of the cone and glue.  

Start wrapping the yarn around the cone and glue every few inches.

Glue the end of the yarn on the inside of the cone.

Take your fabric or ribbon and wrap it around the cone, starting at the bottom  and glue it down to the cone in the pattern of your choice.

I glued a pompom to the top because I couldn't get the fabric tight enough on top, but it's not my favorite.

Use you imagination to make all sorts of fun trees in different colors and sizes, I'm going to check my other dollar store for larger hats.  This was a fun, quick project that children would love!!

Great news...we're going to be getting a new camera, so you won't have to be forced to look at horrible phone pictures anymore...yay!!!!

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