Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best Birthday Party EVER!!

If you read the blog you know that Brooklynne turned one year old on February 16th, and we had her birthday party the following evening on the 17th, and oh boy, was it fun!!  Despite the amount of stress that it caused me (wanting everything to be a certain way),

I was very pleased with how the invitations turned out.

some of the details

 we had a wonderful time and little Brooklynne was just the perfect party girl!!
My friend, Giana took all the pictures, what a blessing it was to have a non-family member taking pictures (she did our maternity pictures as well), so Matt, and I and our families could really enjoy the party (I highly recommend having someone taking pictures)!

Saying hi to everyone.

Getting hugs from Grandpa!
The party started at 6 pm and we started eating dinner around 6:30.  I had started the crock pots around 9 that morning, we had a taco bar complete with chicken, pork carnitas, rice, beans, and all the fixings, and oh boy, it was yummy!!

Silly Uncle Evan

After dinner, we sang "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday girl and gave her her birthday cake.  She was slow to check it out at first, but after I put a little frosting on her lips, she didn't seem to mind it at all!

She didn't seem to mind getting messy or anything like that, she just wanted to eat the cake!!

After cake, Brooklynne opened her presents while everyone else got dessert; I made brownies, rice krispie treats, funfetti cupcakes, donuts, peanut butter cookies with dove chocolates in the middle, M&M's cookies, and a few different kinds of candies.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it all!!  Brooklynne was in to opening the presents for the first few, but then just wanted to play with everything!

She received so many wonderful gifts, she is so blessed!

Uncle Jared and Aunt Brittany

Matt brought out the present that we had for her (it was a hand-me-down from a friend...yay for free!), and she got so excited!

It is still her favorite present, she's in it half of the day, it seems to have become her clubhouse!  

We started saying goodbye to her guests as they left, one by one, and she was so sweet even saying goodbye.  B didn't go to sleep until almost 10 that night because she was up playing, and she had a good attitude the entire time, didn't get fussy once, which I was so thankful for!
We were so blessed with a full house of family and friends, and we felt so honored by everyone who was able to come, what loving family and friends we have!  

Uncle Evan, Uncle Jared, Aunt Brittany, and the Birthday Girl!!

Uncle Jason, Aunt Bethany, Emily, Antonio, Isaac, and the Birthday Girl!! (my sister, bro-in-law, niece and nephews)

Grandma, Grandpa, and the Birthday Girl!!

Nana and the Birthday Girl!!

Our Beautiful little Family!!

Happy Birthday, sweet baby Brooklynne, we love you so much!!

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