Thursday, April 26, 2012

likes and dis-likes

There have been a few things bugging me lately, so I decided to tell my blog (sorry for the rant).  Dis-likes first:

1.  people not holding the door open for a lady with a stroller and a kid in the stroller.
2.  fitness instructors that can't keep a beat (ugh, that makes me so annoyed)....worst class ever.
3.  when people don't tip at Starbucks (it's like they're saying "yes I do want my $.05 you can't have it even though you're here in the middle of the night making my drink")and("yeah, you made me a delicious beverage, and yeah, you know my name, and yeah, you know that I want napkins and water and extra straws, but no...I'm not going to tip you...see you tomorrow, because I only come if you're working").  Oh, and people that you give free drinks to, i.e., friends or when the computer's down...and they don't tip...come on, I just gave you a free drink.
4.  baby weight that stays on your tummy...could be the cookies I eat, though.
5.  not getting sleep at normal hours.
6.  cars that don't work.
7.  debt
8.  thrift store charging WAYYYYY too much for stuff.
9.  the new red head on The Office...SO OBNOXIOUS.  She will probably be the reason we stop watching.
10.  people thinking they can walk up to the Starbucks window...and get a 1 am...scaring the living daylights out of me...I think my heart stops every time.  PEOPLE, IT'S NOT ALLOWED, IT DANGEROUS AND YOU MAKE ME PEE MY PANTS (not really that last part).

But there are good things too:

1.  Family (they're pretty cute...that husband and daughter)
2.  Home/house
3.  my job...I mean, who doesn't want to drink free starbucks all night.  but especially Husbands job.
4.  gym memberships to gyms that have awesome if only they'd get WiFi and an ice machine/better tasting water (anyone from my gym reading this?!?!?!?!?)
5.  Strollers that have shades on top, multiple cup holders and baskets to carry my groceries in.
6.  people who open doors for ladies with strollers (there are much fewer of them, unfortunately).
7.  people who tip at starbucks every time they come in or through the drive through ( come on people, it's the right thing to do).
8.  my sisters...they're pretty much the coolest.
9.  mother in law...she really is wonderful.
10.  naps (when I get them)
11.  almost daily phone convo's with my mama
12.  most things being within walking distance
13.  most things.  most things don't bother me.
14.  my friend being really brave in the car the other day and telling people to stop gossiping...that was pretty awesome!
15.  Church family camp....coming up sooooo soon!!
16.  The cops that come through the drive through at night...they're cute which makes the night easier, but they're just so nice.
17.  Cougar Town (ummm....hilarious).

What do you like or dis-like? And yes, I know I sound pretty annoying.

Come back tomorrow for Friday Photo dump...I've got some good ones!

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Because she's cute and I know you all want to see her...this is at 4 or 5 months old.

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