Wednesday, April 25, 2012

more children

Three days after Brooklynne turned one year old I already had people asking me when we were going to get pregnant again.  There have been people in my moms group that have commented that I will be pregnant right away now that B is one.  A few ladies from my church have said that they need more babies in the nursery and there was even one lady who said I've lost all this weight "just in time to get pregnant again."  Now don't get me wrong, I want more children, I've always dreamed of having a largish family, but I am in no rush.  We are so happy with just Brooklynne right now and I couldn't imagine changing this dynamic...yet.

I look at Brooklynne and I don't think about how I miss her being little (she's still little).  I'm not the type to want my baby smaller again, in fact, the opposite.  That's not saying that I want time to speed up and that I want her to be big, but I look forward to those things.  I look forward to her playing sports, and going to school, and riding in the front seat, and drinking coffee with me (girl better drink coffee).  

I've lost a lot of weight since having Brooklynne, and I have a few more pounds to go to get to my "goal weight," and I really want to enjoy my smaller body for a while before getting pregnant again.  I've also read some research on sibling spacing saying that the more time you put in between children, the better reading and math scores they can have.  I'm not saying this is the case for all children, my sisters sons are 18 months apart, and they are two of the smartest boys I have ever met, if not the smartest, and that's not just a proud aunt bragging...they are crazy smart.  But considering that I'm REALLY not the brightest bulb in the package, I want to give my children the best opportunity that they can have!

So with all of this said, if we ended up getting pregnant before we want to, I know we'd be happy about it, but for now we are waiting.  We are not AT ALL planning on getting pregnant this calendar year.  None of this was written to say that this is the way that everyone should do it, this was written to tell people the what and why of what we are doing.  I have strong convictions that everyone should do what is right and best for their family, not anyone else's.

And now because every post is better with photos, here's a favorite of mine!!

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  1. This post made me smile...and I am SO with you on the not wanting babies to be small again. I love watching my babys grow up. I love being able to interact with them more, play with them, etc. No wishing they were tiny and not on a schedule for this mama! And I need a certain someone in my life to sleep thru the night for a while before I will be ready for the next round ;)