Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend Update

Oh man, I wish weekends came faster and stayed longer...this was one of those weekends that you just wished it could keep on going!  

My car died on Wednesday in the parking lot of the grocery store, and it sat there till Friday when we had time to get AAA to tow it home.  
Once we got it home we went and got frozen yogurt because I was given a gift card for my birthday!

Brooklynne loved Matt's yogurt and probably would have eaten the entire thing.

Matt and Barley love to cuddle.

 On Saturday I went to a conference for MOPs leaders out in Pleasanton, so Matt hung out with Brooklynne for the majority of the day.
He sent me this picture of her halfway through the day...they're such goofs.

Saturday night I grilled hot dogs and we had dinner in the backyard, it was so much fun!!

On Sunday morning I dropped the boys off in Lathrop at Del Osso Family Farms for the Survivor Mud Run, then B and I went and got coffee. 
Their race started at 9:30 am so they had to be there at 8:30.  The race was a little more than 3 miles of running and super muddy obstacle courses, and they had a blast  I had really wanted to participate with them, but we didn't have the money for both of us.

Now prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of muddy photos.
 These are at the very end of the race, but I couldn't get any photos any sooner.

Matt said he was pulling his pants up the whole time, and I noticed that the people in the tightest clothes seemed to do a better job.

Jared, Matt, and Greg

They all got medals and t-shirts that said "I survived the Mud Run" and we celebrated their survival with McDonalds...YUM!!

On Sunday evening we went to the gym to go swimming.  I love having a gym membership so we have a pool to use whenever we want (when the gym's open, of course)...we don't' have to call people to see if we can use theirs, which is always so awkward!  And our gym has 3 pools, an indoor lap pool, indoor therapy pool (which is available most of the day), a big outdoor pool with lots of lawn chair and two big twisty tube slides, and a kiddie pool which B loved!!

How was your weekend?  Looking forward to next weekend yet?  I know I am!!!

Just for a quick comparison before I go: 
                             Before                                                            After

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