Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Succulent Festival and Santa Cruz

I married into a green family, the type that loves plants.  My father in law, husband, and both my brothers in law work for horticulture companies and my mother in law majored in landscape architecture.  Needless to say, I have found more of a love for plants since being a part of their family.  That doesn't mean I'm good at keeping plants alive, I was definitely born with my moms ability to kill plants, but, I try to keep them alive.  So when my mother in law asked if we wanted to spend our Saturday at a succulent festival in Monterey, I of course said yes!!  It was a beautiful morning, we took my brother in law and his girlfriend with us in our car, and we enjoyed Disney tunes on the way there.
a mosaic of succulents

Brooklynne loved being pulled around in the wagon 

and she obviously liked the water bottle 

some of the many that I loved!! 

these are the ones we purchased, along with the drift wood.  

After we left there we got lunch at my in laws favorite place, Carpos and then drove down to the beach. We went to Sea Cliff Beach in Santa Cruz, which is very nice.  This was Brooklynne's third time to the beach, but she hadn't been in a while, so the sand really confused her.  We walked down to the water and she started chasing a wave back in to the water, only to get drenched by an upcoming wave, which she did not appreciate.
A day with daddy=our favorite!

Lung feet and wet pants.

me and my main man...he makes my heart happy!

what's it going to be...up or down?

so angry at the sand. 

reading with grandma.

Sorry for only posting a picture of you falling,'s just a really good falling picture!

Brooklynne didn't take a nap almost all day, so I put her in the Ergo, covered her with a towel and walked down the beach with her.  She fell asleep only for an hour, but I was thankful for anything by then.

At Sea Cliff beach there is an old concrete war ship that they sunk at the end of the pier back in 1929.  Check out this wikipedia page for more information, it is really quite cool.  

I walked to the end of the pier with the sleeping baby and got some pictures of it, it was so cool.  

My father in law LOVES to boogie board, and Matt's always game to getting in the water, so they played out there for close to an hour before coming back in.

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist, he's just so hunky!!

We started getting packed up because it was getting cold out...I love this picture because it looks like i changed it to black and white, but it's a color photo, it was just so grey out!

I got Brooklynne all warm in her jammies, and we played in the car while everyone got ready to go.  It was a wonderful trip and we had so much fun.  I hope we go again next year!
 I do believe that this was my longest post in almost a year...crazy, sorry for the bombardment of pictures!

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