Monday, October 1, 2012

Show & Tell Monday: All My Favorites

I'm back again this week for Becky's link up, I didn't write last weeks, sorry.

1. Tell us about your 5 favorite memories in your life.

Obviously my wedding day, what a wonderful day it was, and I am so blessed to have married such an incredible man.

Holding our baby girl was born is by far my favorite memory, but I wish that I remembered more from that day, some of it is a blur.

The day I told my family we were pregnant, and the look on my sisters face when I said that we were naming our daughter after her was priceless and when I will never forget.

Matt was my first boyfriend, and him asking me to be his girlfriend is a favorite memory because it was so sweet.

Another favorite memory is when my parents brought my little sister home from the hospital, it was the day I decided I wanted to be a mom someday!

2. Show us 3 of your favorite beauty products.

Unfortunately I don't have any.  The beauty products I use are used because I can't afford better stuff.  I do use one descent thing, Mary Kay concealor, but I use it because my sister gets it for me at 50% off, I like it, but it's not a favorite.  

3. Tell us what your favorite TV shows are to watch.

 (in no particular order)

4. Show us 2 of your favorite pictures.

my dad, sister and me (circa 1987)
 Brooklynne and her Great Grandpa

 my beautiful girl
I know it said only two, but I can't just put up two. 

This is one of Matt's favorite photos, him and his grandparents 

5. Tell us your favorite things to do during "me time."

Get pedicures, watch shows with my husband, drink coffee, work out 

Did you link up with Becky this week, let me know if you did so I can read yours too!!

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