Friday, March 11, 2011

Aunt Juli is here to visit!!

My sister Juli (Brooklynne's named after her....Julianna) came on Monday from Missouri to visit and hang out with B and me, and it has been such a blessing to have her here!!  It's very hard to have her live so far away, so to have her visit and stay at our house for 4 days has been so much fun, but it just makes me want her to move back even more.  Brooklynne has loved being held by her so much and I have loved not having to change many diapers and I appreciate all the house cleaning she's been doing for me (she's the best).

On Wednesday we drove out to Santa Cruz and spent two and a half hours there. It was a short trip, but Juli missed the Pacific Ocean, so it was definitely worth the hours in the car, and we really enjoyed the time together.  We had lunch on the beach and then went to the outdoor shopping center downtown and walked around for a little while.   We had such a great time, and B did so well on her first beach trip!!

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