Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my baby is 5 weeks old!

Brooklynne is 5 weeks old today...where has the time gone?  It's hard to believe she's already this old.

I posted about her first doctors appointment last week, but what I didn't talk about was that I wasn't too pleased with how the appointment went.  I had some expectations going into it, expectations that had been established from experiences at my pediatricians office growing up.  I'm not trying to say that the appointment or the doctor has to be exactly like mine when I was a child, but with this being her first appointment, he didn't check how much she had grown, her eyes, her ears, and a few other things that are important for the first appointment (they didn't take an accurate weight either).  The doctor was very nice, a family practitioner, but I think I was looking for more solely pediatrics, so we switched.  We had her first appointment with the new doctor today, and I was quite pleased with everything.  They did a "two week checkup" for her even though she's five weeks.  The doctor said that Brooklynne's growing impressively well, and that she's very healthy, and cute!  We go back in three weeks for her two month checkup.  On another good note, she slept for seven straight hours last night, and oh boy, I loved it!!  I love my little beauty so much and I'm so thankful to be so blessed!!

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