Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Her First Visitors!

Brooklynne was visited by some wonderful people in her first few days of life, and we appreciated everyone who dropped by, we felt so honored!!  

Brooklynne's Grandma and Grandpa came by the hospital both days we were there, and it was wonderful to spend time with them!!

Baby B loved being visited by her proud aunt and uncles, Uncle Jared, Aunt Brittany, and Uncle Evan!!

Nana got to spend 4 days with us and Poppie got to visit too!!

Brooklynne loved meeting her cousins and aunt and uncle, they even cooked us dinner and brought us flowers!!

Uncle Brandon and Auntie Kim drove all the way up from Southern California to meet Baby B and she loved them!!!

We had so much fun with all the visitors we had those first few days and we were sad when they went home.

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