Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Saturday

We had a wonderful day despite the rain.  Matt had to work this morning, but he called me when he was off to see if B and I wanted to go to his parents because they hadn't seen her since last week, so we did.  After we left we went and got groceries and came home and cleaned the house.  It wasn't a super exciting day, but it was nice nonetheless.

Stephen, Jessica and Tynlee came over this evening for dinner and I made Italian pot roast, french bread, mashed potatoes and apple pie for dessert, and it was yummy!!  Since most of the pictures from hang out time with them have the girls and Jess and me, we decided to make the boys be in the picture, and they protested, but finally let me take the picture.  Jess and I are blessed with not only gorgeous daughters, but also incredible husbands who love us so much, and we are so blessed to have such incredible friends!!!

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