Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Weekend Update {5} Picture Overload

Happy October!!

We had a pretty busy weekend!  My dad has been the California representative for an organization called Christian Service Brigade for over 35 years, which is an organization that focuses on men mentoring boys.  It's similar to boy scouts, but Christian based and more outdoor involved.  Every year he hosts an event called Father Son Team Day where dads teams up with their sons and compete against other teams in their sons age groups.  They compete in events like BB guns, archery, marshmallow guns, darts, marble mazes, etc.  Matt helped staff the event this year and my sister and brother in law drove down because my nephew is now old enough to participate (it's k-12 grade).

My sister and I helped our mom cook lunch for the 200 people that were there, so Brooklynne played in the play pen when she didn't want to hang out in the backpack, and Emily was so good with her!

Emily and Bethany, Isaac and Jason

my brother in law Jason and his boys, Isaac and Antonio.

Antonio is so much fun, and such high energy...he never stops!!

Isaac and Emily

At the end of the event they sing camp songs and hand out ribbons and trophies, then have a little message.  My dad is a pro at leading camp songs, but he has been doing it for 35+ years!

That evening my dad took all the staff out to dinner, and we went to Golden Corral which just opened in Modesto.  It was pretty tasty for a buffet, and they even had a chocolate fountain...Antonio LOVED it!

That night Matt worked on ABC's with Brooklynne.

On Sunday our church had our annual All Church Picnic, so Matt, B and I went and had such a wonderful time, we really love our church!

Brooklynne loved crawling around in the grass

She also loved going down the slide for the first time!

Both nights Brooklynne fell asleep while nursing because she was so exhausted from the day, but she had such a fun time!

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