Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Weekend Update {6}

California got it's third Hobby Lobby on Friday, and Matt and I were so excited to check it out, well I was, which made him really happy about it.  The dangerous part is that it's literally at the end of my street, less than 2 blocks from my house (bye bye paycheck).  
Anyways, Matt, Brooklynne and I spent almost 3 hours there on Friday, which was fun but way too long!  

Saturday, Matt hung out with Brooklynne because I had an 8 hour choir practice.  They came over during our lunch break so I could feed her, and it was nice to see them for a bit.  Matt's dad asked me to be a part of the choir that he has been participating in for a while, and I'm really enjoying it so far.  They're called Jubilant Praise and they just perform during the Holiday season.

Sunday afternoon Brooklynne helped Matt mow the lawn.  I looked out at them through the window a few times and it was cute to see her looking over the side of the backpack at the mower.  She apparently got pretty tired while helping him, and fell asleep.

Sunday evening we got to go to the Jars of Clay concert at Gallo Theatre.  Jars of Clay is a Christian band that has been playing together for 17 years, which means I have been listening to them for almost that long!  Brooklynne got to hang out at Aunt Brittany's parents house, and had a fun time!  Matt's family went as well and Evan sat with us.

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