Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Weekend Update {9}

This weekend started off with me working the opening shift on Saturday morning from 4-11:30, it was an early morning.  Matt brought Brooklynne over to the store while I was on my lunch so that I could feed her, and we got to eat breakfast together which was wonderful!  I had a cake due on Sunday morning, so I started working on it when I got home from work, but luckily it wasn't a big cake.  

The client picked up the cake on Sunday morning and we went to church, after church we went to the New Members Lunch.  We've been going to our church for 3 years now, and Matt has gone there since high school, but we hadn't become members yet.  Sunday afternoon Brooklynne was standing in front of the tv console and stepped on a piece of newspaper which slipped out from under her and she fell and hit her head on the corner, which was her first major accident, but man it seems like her favorite thing is standing.

I made SO MUCH chili last night for the chili cook-off at the Halloween party at church tonight, so hopefully it's good.  
We had planned on carving pumpkins last night but never got around to it, so Matt's going to come home on his lunch today so we can carve them, which means that I should probably go and get them all cleaned out (ugh).

Thanks for the bow, Aunt Juli!

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  1. Awww poor B's ouchie!! :(

    She looks super cute in her Halloween outfit. Hope you guys have a great night!