Wednesday, November 16, 2011

39 Weeks!

Daughter, you are getting old.  She just keeps getting bigger, and it's so much fun.  I love looking over at her while she's standing up hanging on to something because she looks so tall.  She loves to crawl all over the place and yell, she seems to like to yell all the time.
She has started biting me while she nurses, and holy smokes it hurts to bad.  I've been told to just flick her face if she does it to eventually teach her not to do that, but the two times I've done that she gives me this completely shocked face and then starts crying in the saddest sounding cry ever, like I've hurt her and she doesn't know why I would.  It's really sad.
She's also 9 months old today, so I will post her stats later this afternoon!

love you sweetness!


  1. Brookie!! I can't believe your 9 months old!! Our precious little babies are growing up Anna!! Tynlee really misses you B!! We better get together before this next baby comes :) Love you both so much!

  2. The bites while nursing are the worst! Another trick I heard is to lay them down and walk out of the room for a show them you won't nurse when they do that. In all honesty, I tried the flicking and laying down with Connor. In the end, I stopped nursing at 10.5 months because he wouldn't stop biting me.