Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Weekend Update {12}

This weekend was wonderful!  It started on Friday evening with Matt staying home with little B while I got to go hang out with some ladies!!  I'm involved with MOPS at a local church and one of the ladies hosted a craft night at her house, and it was a blast!  There was about 20 of us that were there and it was so nice to have lady time and not worry about what B was doing or getting in to.

 I had such a wonderful time and didn't get home till 12:15 that night (oops, sorry for not calling you, Matt).
This is the face I woke up to on Saturday morning...beautiful!

The majority of Saturday was spent baking and cleaning the house for the baby shower that evening.  Brooklynne took a long afternoon nap and then my mother in law picked her up and she stayed at their house for the afternoon and evening (thank you so much!).  
The party started at 7, and their we had 3 couples over so there was 8 of us and it was such a delight!  We started the evening by having dessert, I made vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling, pumpkin whoopie pies, lemon cake pops, s'mores pops and mini pecan pies, and everyone loved all of it!

After dessert we started our first "game," each couple got a piece of fabric in a cape shape along with black and white puff paint and they had to decorate them for baby Dirk because every little boy wants to be a Super Hero!  

I was a bit nervous about what the boys were going to think, but they loved it, in fact all the boys did the majority of the decorating (Matt did ours...the crazy orange one).

For the second game we split into two teams, boys and girls.  Each team got a bowl full of different candy bars and had to write a story about Dirk, it could be anything.  Both stories were a lot of fun and very different!  Philip opened the presents and then we hung out a little longer and people went home.  It was a wonderful evening, but quite and exhausting day!

We skipped out on Skipped out on Sunday school again (I think I'm liking this a bit too much) and spent a few minutes at Starbucks enjoying some breakfast.  
Brooklynne was with us in church (not my fav), but didn't want to be quiet, so Matt took her out into the lobby where she climbed the stairs for the first time, here's a video of it:

After church we went to lunch with Matt's family and then headed home, Matt's brother Evan came with us.  They watched the football game and then played video games all afternoon and it was nice to have him here hanging out with us.  He went home at 9, and we went to bed soon after.  

It was such a wonderful weekend, but I am super excited to see half of my family this Thursday!!!

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