Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: "Give Thanks" Sign

Happy November everyone, since Halloween is over, I thought I'd start working on some Thanksgiving decorations!  Sorry todays post is going up so late, I had wanted to get it done over the weekend, but never got the chance.  I had seen a picture of a "give thanks" signs a couple months ago made from boards from a pallet, and when Matt brought home a few pallets last week I couldn't wait to make one!  I apologize about the photos, our camera stopped working this morning so I had to use my phone

What you'll need:
Glue Gun
Fabric (I use old sheets)
Paint Chips (free at the hardware store)
2x4's or boards from a pallet
Glue Stick
Four smalls nails

Start by making triangles on the backs of 10 of your paint chips.  Draw a line at the end, and draw a line on the other end in the middle of the chips.  Connect the lines by making a triangle.

Print off letters, or if you're cool, use a Cricut (I'm obviously not that cool).  Glue the letters to the back of the chips so the letters are backward, this way when you cut them out they will face the correct way. Glue each letter to a triangle.  Take your boards and put glue on one long end, working fast press it into the long end of another board, repeat with the last board.  Take the glue gun and fill in the two cracks on the back of the boards.

Take your fabric and cut a long strip, and fold it in half long ways, crease the fold.  Use your glue gun and place a strip of glue on the top of one of the flags, press the fabric onto the glue so that the raw edge is covered by the rest of the fabric.  Repeat with the rest of the flags for that word.  Fold the fabric over the flag twice so the other raw edge is behind, and glue it to the back of the flag, repeat for the second word.  Take the nail and nail up each side of the banner.  Make some rosettes if you want to put some on the board and glue them in place.  You could put a picture holder on the back if you wanted to hang this on the wall, but I didn't want to.

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