Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update {13}

Hello everyone, and sorry for being gone for so long!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving up in Oregon, and it was such a blessing to see some of my family.  I worked on Wednesday night and got home at 4:30 Thursday morning, we finished packing up and headed out at six.  Brooklynne did really well on the six hour drive, but we stopped in Redding so she could have her oatmeal and we could get re-energized. 

 We got to The Running Y Ranch in Oregon at about one and I started cooking right away!  I made the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, and everything was soo yummy!!

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at 6 that night and it was great to be with a lot of my family.  I decided to feed Brooklynne from the table for Thanksgiving instead of making separate food for her, and she LOVED it all!  I gave her mashed potatoes, yams, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and she ate it all up!
B's Thanksgiving dinner

Brooklynne's Thanksgiving t-shirt

Friday morning I worked at the gym at the resort and then we went ice skating, and B was so cute all bundled up.

Brooklynne hung out with Poppie while we all ice-skated

Isaac loved skating with Uncle Matt.

Saturday morning, the kids all painted pictures for my moms wall

She loved it for a little while

and then hated it.

My brother and his family left Saturday afternoon and then we went on a walk

We left Sunday morning and it was so sad to say goodbye to everyone.

 Matt drove the entire way home (thanks babe), and we got to stop at Ikea.

Brooklynne had her very first completely processed meal, mac n' cheese, and we bought some fun Christmas presents for her.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving but we wish our whole family could have been there (missed the Masons and the Taylors)!

With four families there not one of us brought a real camera, just iPhone cameras, so not a single family picture was taken.  

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