Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord!  Good Friday, Brooklynne and I walked to Starbucks (free coffee for earth day) in the morning, and it was such a good walk.  I really enjoy being outside with her, even though she sleeps most of the time, and it was wonderful to have her in the front pack!

Matt was able to get off of work at around 2 pm (amazing), so we were able to go to the Good Friday walk through at our church.  Matt's parents drove to our house and walked over to church with us, so we were able to enjoy it together.  Grandpa so graciously ;) offered to carry B in the front pack, and she slept the whole time!

Friday night Matt, Brooklynne and I drove to Bass Pro Shop in Manteca to visit the Easter Bunny (it was free), and we had so much fun.  I fed B before going in, so she was a happy girl the entire time.  Since it was free, and Friday, there was a pretty long line, but luckily the line moved quite quickly.  

The picture we got of her with the Easter bunny is at my parents house, so I'll fix this post on Friday with the picture.

Sunday we went to church and we had a wonderful time.  Brooklynne has been going into the nursery during church, but since it was Easter, we wanted to keep her with us.  I don't think we'll do that again because she was fussy the entire time, so I sat in the foyer with her for the majority of the service.  

We were able to take a nice family picture in our coordinating Easter clothes.  This is not something my family did at all growing up, but I wanted to do it for my little family.  I made my skirt, and with the leftover fabric, I made posies for B and myself, so we were all wearing gray and pink.  B's dress was still a little big on her (we bought it in January), but it still looked SUPER cute!  

We had a wonderful afternoon as well at Matt's parents house, and didn't get home until 10:30 that night.  

Praise the Lord for HIS death and resurrection and the life that it has given us!  

Happy Easter!!

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  1. So CUTE! Love the pic of Steve holding B! Let me know when you walk to SBux again! O and I will join you!