Monday, April 11, 2011

KOA Family Camp 2011

Matt, Brooklynne and I spent this last weekend at the KOA in Watsonville (south of Santa Cruz) for our church's family camp.  We had so much fun hanging out with Matt's family, and other people from our church.  This year was better for me because since I've gotten even more involved at MCC in the past year, I knew a lot more people that were there.  We left on Friday afternoon and met my Mom in Tracey to give her our dog.  The past two years we've taken him with us, and it's just too much work.  We were constantly limited as to what we could do, and with a newborn this year, we decided that it would be better not to bring him.  We got to KOA at around 8 on Friday evening and set up camp.  It was cold, and we didn't want to stay up too late, so we went to bed at about 10.  Brooklynne slept in her little bed for almost 10 hours, which was wonderful, but I think she knew she wasn't in her normal bed because she slept very restlessly, which meant I didn't get that much sleep.  Saturday, Matt hung out with his brother and the other guys that were there.  They played whiffle ball, ultimate frisbee and football, and then Matt, Jared and Brittany jumped on the jumping pillow, and rode banana bikes.

and posed awkwardly

Brooklynne and I spent most of the afternoon walking around the camp and visiting with people, we had a very nice time.

Brooklynne loved hanging out with Uncle Jared and Aunt Brittany.

The Kozy Kabins are so much fun!!

Brooklynne is excited for family camp next year when she'll be a year old!!

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