Friday, April 15, 2011

in the crib!

At Brooklynne's doctor's appointment on Wednesday, her doctor asked how long she's sleeping at night, to which I responded 8-10 hours.  She was very impressed and said that it was time that she sleeps in her own room.  I had wanted to move her to her crib at a month, but was too lazy to do it (and I liked her sleeping next to me), but since the doc said that, we decided that it was indeed time.  Wednesday night was her first night all by herself, and it went so well.  I usually give her her last feeding around 9, and then she sleeps either in my arms, Matt's arms, or on her Boppy until we go to bed, which is what I did on Wednesday night.  Once we were ready to go to sleep, and Matt had gotten the monitor set up, I sang to her (Silent Night), we prayed with her, and put her in her crib.  I was a little bit emotional as this was the first time I worried about SIDS since she wasn't next to me, but I'm so thankful she's in her own room now.  I'm not at all trying to say that we minded having her in our room, it was just time to have our room back.  Last night was even better.  I taught cake decorating last night, and picked B up from her grandparents afterwards (I hung out and had pizza before leaving), brought her home and gave her a bath.  She decided she wanted to be awake for a little while, so at 10 I put her in her crib and she fell asleep within 5 minutes, although I did have to go into her room to put her pacifier back in her mouth (sometimes I want to tape it to her face, but I'm not a bad mother).  I am so proud of my good sleeper, and so thankful for the good sleep she's letting me get!

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