Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Month Doctors Visit

Today was Broolynne's 2 month doctors visit, and it went well.  Her doctor was pleased with how well she's growing, and despite the fact that everyone says she's so small, and some people even questioning
whether I'm feeding her enough, she's on the charts, and growing just fine.  She weighs 8 pounds, 14.5 ounces, and she's 21 1/4 inches long.  She also got her first set of shots.  We've decided that we won't be doing all of the shots with Brooklynne, but there are a few we will be doing.  Right now in Stanislaus County pertussis (whooping cough) is prevalent in infants, so she got the DTap (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) immunization today, and oh boy did she hate it!  The nurse had me hold down her arms, and she held her legs and stuck that needle right into her little thigh, luckily, since I know it'll be a beneficial thing for her, it didn't get to me.  I'm very proud of my big little girl, and thankful for her almost 2 months of life!!

Yesterday my parents came over to bring our dog back home and to have dinner with us.  Since they got there a while before Matt got off of work, and they hadn't gotten to walk in the morning, they went for a walk and took Brooklynne with them, which gave me a chance to get the laundry put away.  We had a wonderful time wit them for dinner, as we always do, and we so appreciated them taking care of Barley and picking him up and taking him back home.

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