Thursday, June 16, 2011

17 weeks old!

My baby just continues to grow!  She is 17 weeks old today and she keeps getting bigger.  She had her 4 month doctors appointment this morning and it went great.  She's right on track for her height and weight and the doctor just loved her.  I've decided that the immunizations we do with B are going to be spread out, so only 1 at each appointments, todays was DTap, which she got at her two month appointment as well.  But, oh boy, she hated it, but once she calmed down, she was fine, and she never had a fever and she was normal all day.

We got the go ahead from her doctor to start her on solid food, so we started last night with some rice cereal.  I could tell she was getting hungry before we started, but I tried feeding her anyways.  She was interested in it for a little bit, but then got annoyed and didn't want it anymore.  I cleaned her up and Grandma (Matt's mom) took over, and Brooklynne was loving it from her, but Grandma was making sound effects and I was trying not to laugh.  The plus side of all of this is that Brooklynne slept until 6 again last night instead of waking up between 4 and 5.  Hopefully we'll just keep getting more sleep time!

She really did not enjoy it.
Thanks for taking over, Grandma, you're the best!!

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