Saturday, June 18, 2011


So after I posted yesterdays blog, I fed Brooklynne.  It was in between feedings, but before she got hungry again, so she wasn't already frustrated.  IT WORKED!!  I set her up in her bebe pod chair on top of the table and started feeding her, and even though I could tell that she was still a bit confused by it, she was more willing to open her mouth.  I don't think she got very much in her tummy, but I was very encouraged by her good attitude.  I decided to replace one of her normal feedings with cereal this evening instead of adding it in as a snack.  She usually has her second to last feeding between 6 and 7, but we were out finishing her Father's Day present for Daddy, so she didn't eat until about 7:30.  I decided to use it as her cereal feeding, but I didn't think she was going to be okay with it.  I think since she knew that it was food, she was okay with having it, and didn't fuss at all, in fact she was excited about it.  I fed her for about 15 minutes; again, I'm not sure how much she ate, and then Matt fed her for a few minutes.  After she ate, I gave her a bath, and she had her final feeding, so her belly was super full when she went to bed, and I'm really hoping that the full belly will help her get back to sleeping through the night!  I love my precious good eater!

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