Wednesday, June 8, 2011

16 weeks old!

Brooklynne is 16 weeks old today...holy smokies!  It's going so fast, but at the same time it feels like she's been part of this family for so long.  B is laughing even more these days.  While stretching her toes to her head, she starts busting up, when Matt was singing a song that was annoying me so bad this afternoon, she wouldn't stop laughing at him (which made him sing it even more).  She smiles all the time and still doesn't cry too often.  She is really enjoying her bebe pod that Auntie Kim and Uncle Brandon gave her, she has the attention to hang out in it for 15 minutes just making the rattle spin around, it's the cutest thing and helps strengthen her back and neck.  She didn't fuss at all this afternoon when we hung out on the grass, even when she was on her tummy she didn't seem to mind it at all. 

I got so many cute pictures of her, and I couldn't just not post them, so here they are!!   I love our sweet girl, she makes us so happy and we're so proud to be her parents!!

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