Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago

The day that will never be forgotten.  The day that my daughter will ask about.  The day that changed us all.

It was my parents 25th anniversary, we woke up like any other day, but my sister called us and told us to turn on the radio (we didn't have a tv).  We were all shocked by what was happening, but not being able to see it, we didn't know how to feel.  It was my junior year of high school, picture day, and we went to pick up the Renfrows for carpool.  They had tv so we watched it on theirs and we were late to school.

My friends mom worked in San Francisco, and I remember her being nervous all day that something was going to happen there as well.  It was my friend Adam's birthday.  

I remember not knowing what to feel or think, unsure of how to act.  I was young and immature and may have mentioned that my parents' anniversary was now ruined.  We went to dinner that night to celebrate my parents and there was only one place that we could find open.

We've never been the same, we'll never be the same.  Our country lost lives; we lost mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends, brothers, sisters, and those who served us.  We each lost a piece of ourselves, but as our nation has fought these past 10 years to re-build, we have grown stronger.  We have learned to appreciate what we have more; we have learned that what we have here on earth is just temporary, and that there is something so much better waiting for us.  

We will never forget.  We will never be the same, but we will never forgot.  
God bless those who lost lives, God bless our brave servicemen and women who are
still fighting for our freedom, 
God Bless the USA!

With that said, Happy 35th Anniversary to my parents.  Thank you for setting the best example for not only your children, but everyone you come into contact with.  Your love for each other is obvious in everything you do, and the respect you have for one another is beautiful.  Thank you for having five children, and for raising each one of us with two Godly examples.  You both have not only been the perfect example for your children, but also for everyone you come into contact with, and I know they all appreciate you both as well!  Thank you for also being the best Nana and Poppie!  I love you Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary!!

taken at our wedding  in 2007.

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