Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Fall Inspired Wreath

In trying to figure out what to make for todays tutorial, I remembered that I had purchased a straw wreath a while ago with plans for making it pretty for my wall.  Well, I started it but didn't finish it, which is to my advantage, because I didn't have to buy anything for todays project.  

wreath (I used straw, but styrofoam would work as well)
yarn, any color
hot glue
fabric, if desired

Start with a plain straw wreath, they come covered in plastic, so I I recommend leaving the plastic on to make it a bit easier and cleaner. 

 Take your yarn and and wrap the end of it around the wreath and tie it off. 

Start wrapping the yarn around the wreath, hiding the first knot, until it is covered and you can not see any more straw.  Tie it off, and tuck the end under.

Take some fabric and cut it in a long strip, (I used a vintage pillowcase from the thrift store for mine)

Glue one end to the backside of your wreath, covering the end of the yarn.

Wrap the fabric tightly around the wreath, glueing as you go along.  Glue the end of the fabric to the wreath.

Make some felt flowers, or you could use silk if you'd like.  

arrange them on the wreath how you would like them.

Once you have them in the desired pattern, use your hot glue to secure each of them to the wreath.

Stand back and admire your gorgeous work!!

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  1. this is so cute! oh, i just love fall colors! and felt. and yarn. :)

    i would love for you to come link up this or any other amazing project at my creativity party going on right now!


    thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love this wreath - it is now on my 'to-make' list. Thanks for the fab tutorial! x

  3. I love it! The fall colors are breathtaking. Adorable:) I am a new follower!

  4. Very pretty colors! Fall is in the air, and so are wreaths! I saw you at Somewhat Simple, where I linked up a Fall wreath today as well.

  5. I've just decided that I want to make a wreath for the fall and this one is so cute - thanks for sharing the tutorial! The fabric and flowers are a great combination :-)

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! I loved your flowers so much that I had to make my own version of the wreath! You can check it out if you want. Thanks for the great flower tutorials! -Juli http://ahenandherchicks.blogspot.com/2011/09/fall-wreath.html

  7. I love that wreath! The combination of the fabric and the variety of flowers is so pretty. I am pinning this to my wreath board:)