Wednesday, September 7, 2011

29 weeks old

Oh my goodness, my baby is getting so big!
She now responds when you call her name (it's the cutest thing).
She loves anything that is cold; pop cans, cups with cold drinks in them, and anything she can get her mouth around and suck on.
She's talking a ton, saying dada all the time (which of course Matt loves).
She now takes a bath like a big girl, sitting in the tub, and she loves it.  She loves to play with all her toys that are in the tub with her, leaning over to get the ones floating away from her, and almost falling down each time.
We don't swaddle her for night time anymore, we stopped last week and it's been great! 
She sleeps through the night again (praise the Lord), sleeping from 8:30 pm - 7 am, thank you, baby B!

we love you, sweetheart!