Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decisions and Timeshares

We are coming up (not that soon) on our 5 year wedding anniversary and I really want to go away for a few days (sans baby), and I'm trying to decide where to go.  My cousin is getting married in September in New York, and we had originally wanted to go, but our saved up money ended up being used to pay bills, oh the sad realities of life.  My parents have been timeshare owners since 1997 with Worldmark, The Club, and in 2008 when Matt and I were first married we foolishly bought in to it, foolishly because it's more than we can afford, but once it's eventually paid off it will be wonderful to take completely debt free vacation every year, or multiple times a year.  It's also something we can hand down to our children and grandchildren.  If you want more information, let me know.  The thing we love about Worldmark as opposed to other timeshares, is that it's not traditional timeshare, we're not set in to a certain place and time every year.  Instead, we have many places around the world we can go any time of the year.  We have a certain amount of points that we can use every year.  The more popular places are more points and are harder to get into, but we can go to those places.

These dots represent resorts we can go to:

We've been to a lot in California, some in Oregon and Washington and some of my siblings have been to a few in other states: Hawaii, Nevada, Canada (I know that's not a state).  We absolutely love it!  

Anyways, we want to go somewhere in driving distance, so I think I have it narrowed down to Tahoe and Pismo Beach.  So, now it just depends on whether we want to spend a few days in the snow or a few days at the beach.  Any thoughts?  We won't be able to go till January.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?  How long have you been married?


  1. Hey, we have a timeshare too! Ours is every third year (we bought a one bedroom, peak season, las vegas),we love it because its in high demand for trade, so we have stayed in point arena,3 places in Tahoe, and in Las Vegas. But as members of RCI we have found some good deals and used last minute vacations too for a great price, instead of trading.

    This year we will celebrate 8 years, we always go away for a few days to relax and explore sans kiddos! Tahoe is beautiful but January would be super cold, and might give you some driving issues, but it would be fun :) Pismo would be a nice escape.....tough choice.

  2. Pismo!! It's a favorite destination of mine and we actually spent our honeymoon there. It's such a great place to relax and has quite a few cozy hotels or they have a great RV park to stay at. We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday and are actually celebrating it this weekend without the baby. Have fun deciding!!