Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our weekend update

Brooklynne and I got to drive up to Eureka this weekend to visit my sister and her family, and we had such a great time! I had really hoped Matt was going to be able to come with us, but he ended up working all weekend (boo).

Since my car is dead right now and Matt was working, Brooklynne and I took the train out to Martinez and my mom picked us up from there. We got to my sister and brothers house at 10:30 that night, so it was nice to have a good portion of the drive in daylight.

waiting for the train

She was super wiggly for a while, but finally passed out so I was able to get a little nap, too.

in my moms car

On Saturday we went to the gym and worked out while my mom watched all the kids (so sweet of her). We drove down to Blue Lake (north of Eureka) and brought our lunch to a beer tasting room, and enjoyed some delicious beer with our sandwiches.  Then we drove to the river and the kids played in the super cold water for a while.  We hung around the house most of the afternoon, which was very nice. They have chickens and bunnies and a great backyard and I know that Brooklynne had such a great time playing with her cousins!

exploring first thing in the morning

Steelhead...so good!!

down by the river

Some gorgeous mustard flowers

Joe Dirt the bunny

Isaac and the chicken


On the way home from the river we stopped at Jitter Bean and got some coffees...if you are EVER in Humboldt County, make sure you stop at Jitter Bean!! It's owned by some of our friends and it is BY FAR the BEST coffee ever!  I love their lattes!!  

My brother in laws birthday was on Thursday, and a bunch of their friend were getting together that night for drinks, so I made some super delicious strawberry cupcakes. We had a wonderful time that night just hanging out with out children (again, thanks mom!). We didn't get home until 11 that night and went right to sleep!

My gorgeous sister, Bethany and me.

Sunday morning my brother picked up some amazing maple bars from a local bakery. 

 Then my mom and I took the kids on a walk to the park so my sister could work on her message for church that night. After the park we went to Costco and got a few things and all their samples (yay for free lunch), but Brooklynne stayed home with my sister so that she could take a nap, and she slept the whole time we were gone.

That night we went to their church, Catalyst, and it was so wonderful! When they had moved up there in 2006 to start the church, I moved up there with them to help. I miss is up there very much, so it's always so nice to go visit!! My sister did a wonderful job on her message from Acts about praying.

Mom, B and I left at 8 that night, and I drove the first half to Willets (2.5 hours), and then mom drove the rest. We didn't get home until 2, and it was super exhausting. Brooklynne and I took the train back on Monday morning.

This was my view on the train.  Matt and I have signed up for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes and we start next week.  

We had a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to go back up there, hopefully in September!!

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  1. Anna, this is your cousins Steph and Jim! We don't catch all of your blogs, but I saw this one and read you and Matt are taking FPU. We just finished the course at our church, and it was awesome. We are a LONG way from making it through the baby steps, but we are starting to get comfortable with budgeting and are chipping away at our debt. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!