Friday, May 4, 2012


EEEEEP!!  I am so proud of myself!  
I haven't posted about my weight loss since July, I think.  It's been a slow going process for a few reasons.  In August I started a gym membership at a local gym here in Modesto.  I'm usually a "workout video at home" type of girl, so when I started going to the gym I had a hard time balancing both workouts and Weight Watchers (apparently not great at multi-tasking), but I continued to pay for both (dummy).  
Once I started working at Starbucks again I gained 5 pounds...the constant flow of free fancy coffee drinks...kicks you in the butt.  In January I got a 24 hour flu bug and oh my goodness, I was so sick, which resulted in 8 pounds of weight loss in 2 days, crazy right?!?!  Well I wasn't about to let those pounds creep back on my body, so I used it as my kick start to my weight loss again.  I got under 140 and was stuck right under it for 2 months (super frustrating). 
I approached my friend, who's also an instructor at the gym and she told me to up my cardio.  With her help and accountability (and super butt kicking skills...she's crazy amazing) I've kicked my weight loss in high gear.  I have a goal, I have a date, and I'm doing it. 
Fridays are my weigh in day, and this morning I weighed myself...haven't been this proud of myself in a while...I weigh 134.5!!!!!!  I haven't weighed that since like 2 months after I got married.  But I still have a ways to go till I'm at goal, but still, so proud!!  I was 185 when I had Brooklynne (eeeeekk), but obviously lost 20 pounds right off the bat because I had a baby (fast weight loss plan), so my "starting weight" in June was 160, so I've lost 25.5 pounds since then.  Again, super proud, but not finished!

What tips do you have for weight loss?  Have you tried Weight Watchers?


  1. Woot woot!!! You go mommy!

  2. This is SO motivating! I just started weight watchers a few weeks ago and have already seen a few pounds drop off the scale. I feel like even just little numbers make me so much more motivated to work hard on the plan! Congratulations :)