Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, because of the article in The Times and the photo on the front, I've quickly reevaluated breast feeding.  I have truly loved being able to breast feed our daughter, what a blessing it has been for both of us.  The bonding is wonderful but not having to pay for formula, what a money saver, not only that but it was made perfectly for her!  We have definitely been blessed that it's gone so well!  I had been saying that I was going to go to 18 months and then wean her, but that photo just made me so uncomfortable that I can't do it anymore...I saw the photo and was so physically done with breast feeding.  Every family can do whatever they want, and whatever is best for them, so with that said, we are officially weaning from breast feeding.  It's going pretty well so far, and Matt's being super supportive of it!  He has never minded me breast feeding, but now that I'm weaning he's stepped up his game so much.  This week he's gotten up with Brooklynne both mornings and given her breakfast then put her back to bed so I can keep sleeping, he's the best!!  She hasn't been too fussy about not breast feeding, but we've given her another feeding of something before bed time, Sunday night was warm milk, and last night was oatmeal with apple sauce (she only ate half, though).  I'm quite swollen right now and it hurts very bad, but I hope that goes away soon, which it should.  I'm physically very excited to be done, but it's been harder emotionally than I thought it would be.  I don't let my emotions govern my parenting so I was pretty shocked that I've cried quite a few times about it.  I hope and pray that I'm able to breastfeed all our children, but I will never have it back with Brooklynne, and it's a hard thing to grasp and accept.  What a blessed mama I am to have had this much time with her, though. Thank you Lord for blessing us so much!

Here's a photo of what I'm looking like as a "smaller Anna"

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