Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend Update

We had our annual church family camp this weekend, here's last years post if you want to reminisce a bit. Anyways, B and I left around 4 on Friday afternoon with my mother and father in law, we stopped at Carpo's, which is one of their favorite places to eat, and got dinner. 
 We got to the KOA at around 8:10 and Matt and his brothers showed up around 8:30.  We got settled in to our lodge (yeah, we had a nice one this year) and put Brooklynne down for bed at around 9:45 (ugh).  We didn't stay up too much longer since she was in the loft so there wasn't much we could do with no lights on and trying to be quiet, but I was fine with going to sleep, I was pretty wiped out already.  
Saturday morning my father in law made super yummy smelling belgian waffles (I had oatmeal), but Brooklynne and Matt sure did enjoy them.
That afternoon Matt played ultimate frisbee with a bunch of the other guys while B, my brother in law, my in laws and I went antique shopping.  We stopped at a thrift store where I saw a very cute dress on the mannequin.  The dress was a small, and I don't fit in smalls, but I wanted to try it on just to see if it would be the right cut for me (clothes rarely fit right because of my STUPID body type) for when I lose more weight .  Anyway, it zipped right up ad fit perfectly!!!!  I mean, it will look better next week once I lose a few more pounds and will probably even be big on me once I'm at goal (but it looks cute belted)...but, I fit in to a small!!!!!
Matt loved being able to go on the jump pillow with Brooklynne this year, they had so much fun jumping together.

love them.
Brooklynne got to go down the biggest slide she's ever been down this weekend, and she loved it!!

girl loves sliding with daddy!

We had our traditional tri-tip for dinner that my father in law always cooks perfectly and oh my goodness, it was as amazing as ever (I saved up my points so I could have a bit extra), then we made s'mores that night.  
Sunday morning we had our church service, and it's always so wonderful to worship with fellow believers while outside, in God's creation, what a blessing!

Brooklynne did a good job sitting for a little while, but then Matt took her to the back of the field and held her (she was tired since it was right during nap time). 
We checked out at noon and headed to a park for lunch, Brooklynne loved the turkey wrap that I made for her and she was so cute eating it! 

We drove down to Capitola and hung out on the beach for a little while.
I think the water might have been a little too cold for her.

we loved getting the whole weekend with daddy, it was wonderful!!
The California Poppy, our state flower...definitely prevalent in Capitola, so gorgeous!

What a wonderful, but exhausting weekend!  Can't wait for next year!!

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