Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Packing his hospital bag

I am feeling more prepared this time around, I have Cooper's bag packed, thank you gifts for the nurses done, and my bag half packed...I just have a few other things to pick up for mine.  

 Since Cooper's bag is all packed, I thought I'd show you all what I packed for him for the hospital (or hosibal as my three year old says).

Here's my diaper bag...a beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom that Matt and B gave me for my birthday last month.  I LOVE IT!!  it's so perfect, and it was so sweet of them to get it for me!

Here's the contents on display, and I'll tell you what they are and why I packed it.

1. Three different pacifiers: I decided to wait to use a pacifier with Brooklynne because I didn't want "nipple confusion." This time I think we'll use a pacifier with him in the hospital (I may change my mind), and since I don't know what kind he'll take, I have three different kinds (and we may try the blue soothie that the hospital has).

2. These adorable pants: My bestie gave me these adorable pants for Cooper this Christmas, she also gave B a coordinating skirt and me a coordinating infinity scarf.  My plan is to put C in these pants when B comes to visit (she'll be in her skirt).

3. Extra Onesies: I think these are self explanatory. One of them is grey to go with the pants I just mentioned, and then the others are just in case we need them.

4. Adorable Outfits: I have 3 different sizes in that pile, one preemie (going by B's birth weight), one newborn, and two 0-3 month size.  I'm anticipating using the two smaller ones, but we will see.

5. Water bottle and granola bar: again self-explanatory.  I don't like being caught without a snack.

6. Scratch Mittens: I had no clue about these with B, and assumed the nurses would trim her nails...nope.  So I have two pairs of these mittens because B came home covered in scratches.

7. Socks: Those hospitals are cold, and I don't want little dudes toesies getting frozies, so we have lots of thick, cozy socks for him!

8. Muslin Blankets:  I wanted these for B but didn't get them, but I constantly hear that they're the best things ever.  I got 3 packs for my shower, so I washed them all and then let Matt choose his 3 favorite ones.

9. Hats: My sister in law makes beautiful crocheted hats, and made 2 for my shower (I think she's making more), and then a friend gave me two, but they're a little bigger.  I don't know how big his head will be, so that's why I'm bringing all of them.

10. Giraffe Lovey: I got two of these for my shower and love it, so we're bringing one to the hospital. I will start sleeping with it soon so it smells like me and hopefully helps him sleep better!

11. Cooper's Going Home Outfit: I am really excited about this outfit and I hope he fits in to it.  It's a little onesie tank top, and a pants/sweater combo.  I had B's going home outfit made in to her first Christmas ornament and plan to do the same with C's.  I also don't know what the weather will be when I have him, so I wanted something that could be cool or warm.

I also have little nail clippers and nail files that aren't pictured.

We may not be going home for a few days since I will be staying with my in laws for about a week (give or take) before I'm due.  So I packed for the hospital, but also for their house.  I think it's better to overpack than under pack and not have send someone to go out to buy stuff when you're at the hospital.

So, that's what I packed in his bag.  Anything I missed? I'm sitting here sipping on my red raspberry leaf tea and enjoying a few girl scout cookies while my kid naps, and I can't believe that in about a month or less I could be a mom of two!!

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