Monday, April 7, 2014

Brooklynne's 3rd Birthday-Monster's Inc.

This pretty girl turned 3 on February 16th, so we had a birthday party to celebrate.  She chose Monsters Inc., which was her favorite movie at the time, only because she hadn't seen Frozen yet, haha.
Since we moved two weeks before the party, I went a bit more minimal with decor and everything.  We had the party in Modesto since all the guests but 3 were from worked out so much better.

Sorry for the bad iPhone picture.
My cousin has a small design store on Etsy called GoodSailorDesigns, so I had her design the invitations.  She hand-painted the characters for it, and then designed the rest.  I was SO STINKING HAPPY when she sent me the file, they were even better than I anticipated!
We rented out the classroom of the cake supply store I used to work at, and it was wonderful!

Like I said, I went minimal with the decor.  I stayed with the green, purple and blue as the color scheme. The crepe paper was from the party store, and for the felt doors I took a regular size piece, cut it in half, then free handed the doors on to the felt with dark grey puff paint.  
I purchased the balloon bouquets from a party store in Modesto (Grand Events), which I highly recommend...their balloons keep height for weeks!  
The table clothes have little googly eyes all over them, which ended up begin the entertainment for half of the adults.
For the goodie bags I just bought a pack of white lunch bags from WalMart, and Matt made a little label with Monster's Inc. characters and they each said "Thank you for coming to my party. Love, Brooklynne."

Brooklynne chose pizza and cupcakes for the food.  We also had salad, a veggie platter and fruit for people to munch on.  I got water bottles, two liters of soda, and juice packs for the kids.  Again, since we weren't living there anymore I didn't want to make (from scratch) much of it.  The pizza was from Costco, and it was perfect!

She wanted pink cupcakes, so I dyed the vanilla cupcakes pink with food coloring, and made my triple chocolate cupcakes as well.  I also made dairy free rice krispie treats and put the sprinkles I used on the cupcakes on top of the treats.  

My mom brought so many toys from her classroom and it was perfect, the kids played the entire time.

Brooklynne and her best friend Celia.

Kid parties are an excuse to hang out with our adult friends, right?

My mom is gorgeous.

Brooklynne seriously LOVED opening presents, and it was so cute to see her go up to each guest after she opened the present to thank them.

She loved the part where everyone sang to her...typical.

he's cute...and weird.

The adults had a great time too, haha!

FYI, my father in law is the cutest.

This cutie had a wonderful time at her party, and it was so much fun to spend the day with friends celebrating her life!  We are so blessed!

Photography by Giana Silva with Giana Silva Photography
Necklace and Bows made by Holly with My Little Sweet Cheeks

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