Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our Birth Plan

We have once again decided to pursue a natural delivery with our sons birth.  We had an incredible experience with Brooklynne's birth (using the Bradley Method), and Lord willing, hope to have a similar experience with Cooper's birth.  Many people think birth plans are dumb and pointless, because who can plan a birth? As I agree with the thought that you can't actually plan a birth since every birth is different, I think it's wise to have some kind of game plan in writing (that you know may totally go out the window) before you go in. This way your wishes are played out as well as they can be.  B's birth went extremely close to her birth plan it was weird.  

We plan and hope for a natural birth with no drugs, but we also have a plan in case something happens and I can't have the birth that I desire.  In the end, I want a healthy baby and mommy, so however that comes about I will be fine with....BUT I really hope for as natural as possible!

I used the interactive birth plan maker on to make this plan!

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