Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cooper's Sprinkle

Two weeks ago my best friend threw the sweetest "sprinkle" to celebrate Cooper and me.  I can't even begin to tell you how special she made me feel.  She had everything planned to a T, every detail thought through, even down to the dessert.  
Her husband has a small design company (Liberty Designs), so she had him design the invites (LOVE) and all the signs and things around the room.

Lunch was a salad bar and we got to 'sprinkle' our toppings on. She made this amazing punch which was just a can of limeade concentrate and a bottle of sprite...but it was amazing and so refreshing!

that belly button is ridiculous.

The centerpieces were adorable, little watering cans with a diaper "cloud" and sprinkles coming from the cloud.  All the tables had circles of the fabric she used around the room, and sprinkles on top of the fabric.

Instead of shower games, everyone signed a big ball for Cooper so he'd have his very first ball. She also had envelopes, each with a different "state of mind" (tired, emotional, frustrated, happy, sad, drained, excited) that I may will experience after Cooper comes.  In the envelopes was a notecard with fill in the blanks on one side, and lines on the other side.  Everyone wrote me a note that correlated with the feeling on the outside of the envelope they chose, so I have these beautiful envelopes in my night stand to open when I need them (after he comes) thoughtful!!

The dessert was amazing! She had special ordered my favorite donut in the world (maple old fashioned with rainbow sprinkles), and she made an ice cream sundae bar with all sorts of toppings.

Her sister made delicious white fudge and brownie balls, with of course, sprinkles!

The sprinkle took place in Modesto, which is where we've been living for the past 5 years, but we moved in January.  It was so wonderful to see my friends that I haven't seen since I moved.

I was definitely showered with gifts from all these wonderful women, they all honored me so much and made me feel very loved!

These two women are amazing!

Each guest went home with an adorable bottle of nail polish filled with glittery sprinkles!

I love this woman.  She has blessed me with the most honest, sincere, and real friendship I have ever experienced.  She put so much time and thought in to my sprinkle, and made me feel so loved, and I can't thank her enough.  You are amazing Heather!!

Photos taken by Giana Silva with Giana Silva Photography

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  1. What a beautiful celebration for little Cooper! I love the new heading of the blog too!!