Friday, July 8, 2011

20 weeks old!

My precious girl is 140 days old, where has the time gone.  I was looking through all the "week" posts that I've done just the other day, and wow, I thought she was cute then, she keeps getting cuter every day!  I am constantly overcome with how much I love this little one, and it's still hard to believe that I'm blessed to be her mommy.  
Amongst our tummy time, story time, naps, meals, and diapey changes, I've been working on "sitting up" with B.  She still bends over quite a bit, but I can tell a difference every day.  Tuesday, during night night story time with Matt, she was bending over to get closer to the book, and then pulled herself back up, Matt was so excited about it and called me into the room to show me.  
She loves faces.  While video chatting with my sister on Wednesday afternoon, Juli got really close to the camera to say bye to B, and B tried to grab her face multiple times.  When someone is holding her close enough to their face, she will grab it, and their hair if it's long enough.  She also loves video chatting with her aunt Juli, she thinks it's very fun.  
I made green beans for her, so we are going to try those today and see how she likes them.  
I am one blessed mama!

Today, the 8th, is my sister's birthday, Happy 24th birthday Julianna, we love you very much, and we wish we could celebrate with you today!

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  1. You are so sweet, Anna! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I love you and I love Brooklynne. Give hugs and kisses to your wonderful family for me.