Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saying goodbye to the Masons

My brother in law, Jerrod just graduated from UC Berkeley in May, and accepted a job offer for a business in Washington DC.  They left last Monday to drive out there, stopping along the way to visit cool places; Grand Canyon, Death Valley, New Orleans, and other places.  They'd been living behind my parents since  the fall before we got married, so almost 4 years now, and we're very sad that they moved.  They stopped in Manteca to say bye to us before they left, so we brought Barley with us so that he could say bye to their dog, Shelley.  Barley and Shelley are best friends, and it's so sad that Barley may never get to see her again.  We love you guys so much, and we will miss you so much!

 Krista and me

                                       Dylan                                                                  Andrew
                         Uncle Jerrod and B                                                 Auntie Krista and B
                                                                     Barley and Shelley

The Masons and the Lungs!


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