Wednesday, July 20, 2011

22 weeks old!

Today B is 22 weeks old, and is finally asleep (after 15 minutes of screaming).  She is eating solid foods every day now, and loves them.  She has tried yams, green beans, carrots, butternut squash and peas. I couldn't get the peas pureed as well as the others, so they have a bit of texture to them, so I think it was throwing her off a bit.  She seemed to enjoy the flavor, because she kept opening her mouth, but she kept spitting half of it out of her mouth, and even gagged a few times.  I finally heated up some carrots for her, since she wasn't eating enough peas, and we'll try the peas again tonight.  She seems to be spitting up less and less every day, and it will be nice when she's sitting up on her own, because she won't spit up anymore. She just keeps on growing, and we love our big girl!!

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