Wednesday, July 27, 2011

23 Weeks!

Brooklynne is 23 weeks old today, which means she's been here for 161 days, and what a blessing she is!  She loves to eat, and I've started combining foods for her, and she seems to really enjoy the combos.  She's had yams with green beans and today was butternut squash, carrots and green beans, and she loves it all!  I want to start trying chicken soon.  
She is able to sit up on her own for almost 15 seconds before toppling over, and she's so cute when she's sitting, it's like a whole new world has opened up for her.
We leave next Wednesday for 5 days in Missouri with Aunt Juli and Uncle John. Matt will only be able to be with us for a week, and then he will fly home, so it will be very sad not to have him with us the whole time, but we're excited about the trip.  We'll be taking the train from Manteca (Bay Area) to Chicago, renting a car and driving up to Wisconsin, which is where my mom is from.  We'll be there for the weekend, and then drive down to Missouri and spend 2 weeks with John and Juli!  We'll fly back home, and it will be nice to have my parents with me so I don't have to fly alone with B.  
Look, she has enough hair for a tiny, silly ponytail!  

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