Monday, July 11, 2011

Pool Time

We took Brooklynne in the pool for the first time last week, and she loved it!  Brittany's parents have a pool at their house, and they invited us over to swim, and with the 103 degree days we've been having, we just couldn't say no.  I couldn't find her bathing suit, so I just used a cover to her cloth diaper as a swim suit, which worked out well.  They had a floaty that we could borrow, so she just floated around the whole pool, and never fussed once.  We went again on Saturday evening, and this time I held her more because it wasn't as hot out, and she wanted to be more in the water, it seemed.  She loved to lay on her back in the water and kick her legs.  I hope she continues to enjoy swimming like Matt and me!

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