Thursday, July 7, 2011

B's first Giants Game!!

If you remember my Father's Day post, then you know that I gave Matt tickets to the Fourth of July Giants game for his gift.  We took Brooklynne with us, and we had so much fun, unfortunately, they lost.  My parents live a few blocks from the BART station in Concord, so we parked there and took BART into the city, which is super convenient.  Brooklynne loved being on the train and watching the city go by through the windows, until she realized that the train was making a very nice white noise, and she fell asleep very quick and slept almost the entire trip.  

this is what her hair looked like once we sunscreened her all over.

Once we got to the city, I put her in the front pack and we walked to the park.  I made her a tutu to wear when we walked in, and it looked super cute on her, people kept commenting about how cute she was!

She was happy for the first two innings, and then got hungry, so I fed her, but she didn't want to finish eating because it was too hot since we were in the sun.  She was happy for about 30 minutes and then started getting fussy again, so we went to the bathroom so she could finish eating, and she was happy the rest of the game, and fell asleep soon after.  

The Beautiful AT&T Ballpark

Once we got into the shade, it got a little chilly, so I was able to put her panda hat on.  

I love my little Giants fan!

We had such a wonderful time at the game, and we can't wait to take B to another one!

The weekend away sure did tucker out B and B, this is how they rode back home.


  1. Oh so cute!! I love her little onesie and tutu and bow- love it all!- where did you get the onesie and bow?!

    And thanks for the comment on the blog- I had a lot of fun making this blog design! And, I love breastfeeding but am ready to be done with the ladies- I just hope they can retain some of their "smallness" from before- fingers crossed :)

    We are going to our first Giants game in a week or so, but in San Diego- hopefully it will be a little cooler there!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Haha just saw your Etsy shop- LOVE those Giants clips!